​Quality Professionals

Because we know the importance of teaching,learning and outcomes we have developed models to ensure these are triangulated to inform practice

•Use CIAM to understand the trends in Retention, Achievement, Pass rates
•Track your learners who may be at risk of not achieving 

​Marketing and Student Services Professionals

CIAM will ensure that you are not just aware of your applications and conversion rates but also aware of other strategic information sets to help with recruitment. Why don't you  find more about your tweets... 

•Use CIAM to understand your recruitment mapping
•Track your twitter campaigns
•Monitor your Ofsted learner views 

The amount of information within colleges is constantly expanding, and to stay competitive, your data-insight strategy has to keep pace with business change. With multiple sources of data, it can be difficult for your users to get access to the information they need, when they need it. College Information Asset Manager (CIAM) is not just a dashboard but your strategic information asset manager to help you address these challenges.here.

College Information Asset Manager 

​Finance Professionals

There is a lot of pressure balance the books  and as a Finance Director you have a key priority to balance requirements and  ensure sustainability. CIAM also tracks technical updates for you 

•Use CIAM to better understand your income
•Track your spend by area
•Monitor risks

•Track areas of the business where benchmark     is getting out of sync.

​IT Professionals

Because we know as a Technology manager you are busy. CIAM also tracks technical updates for you. 

•Use CIAM to understand the technology of your business
•Track your IT spend by area
•Monitor vulnerabilities in your network